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                                      Welcome to Color Silk !

Discover our community of weavers & our handmade silk products . 

Color Silk is thriving to prevent the ancient Cambodian silk weaving tradition from vanishing, while empowering women and contributing to the economic development of more isolated areas.


In 2011, Color Silk created a Foundation that runs the Silk Weaving Training Centre in Slar (Takeo Province). This centre aims at providing vocationnal training and employment opportunities to poor young women that could be tempted to go abroad to find a job.


Color Silk was born in 2009 in the aftermaths of a financial crisis that affected the price of silk products. That economic breakdown forced many women to flee to neighboring countries to find a job. There, separated from their family, lacking of education, they often fell into dangerous situations such as human trafficking, sexual abuses or hard work conditions. 



They have trusted us and continue to do so. Come and join this fabulous club !

Color Silk, working with 450 weavers in Takeo province, offers its customers a wide selection of products. They're all 100% hand-made, use natural or non toxic dyes  and are created with passionCambodian silk weaving art is one of the most complex of all. We are proud to hold high quality products made with the finest materials, put together with finesse.

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